Read about the HL2024 flow regulation technology and its water and energy efficiency effects:

HL2024 Inside

HL2024 is a built-in technology that makes flow-regulating products pressure independent. This means that these products deliver an almost constant flow at a large range of pressures.

HL2024 Inside…taps, showers, domestic, professional and industrial water systems means:

– optimum, long-lasting and quantifiable water and energy savings at all times
– proven very high rate of user satisfaction
– stabilising effect on water systems at a micro, meso and macro scale

Balancing efficiency with user experience
With every application, the key is finding the optimal balance between desired water and energy savings and user experience. Optimal sustainability requires that we save as much water and energy as possible without negatively affecting the user: for example through an excessive reduction in flow, or a solution that deteriorates too quickly. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that customer usability and process requirements are considered and taken into account as design starting points.


Water & Energy efficiency

Sustainable water and energy savings require:

Optimal water and energy savings
Saving as much water and energy as possible, without creating dissatisfaction among users: that is our mission. It’s all about finding the perfect balance AND maintaining it! This is why flow-regulating products need to be pressure independent.

Long-term savings
Saving water and energy optimally for a year is great, but why not ensure your savings continue for 10 years? To make this possible, the technology behind the pressure independence must retain its integrity for years.

And yes, the proof of any pudding is in the eating- results must be quantifiable.

Kiwa certification – mechanical requirements and a high quality standard.
 The above requirements have been met in all HL2024 products. As a result, Kiwa Netherlands has certified the HL2024 flow rate restrictors according to Evaluation Guideline BRL-K635/03. This protocol applies to both the mechanical requirements as well as the standard of quality. Together, they ensure functionality, durability and a high user satisfaction rate.

HL2024. Water as our greatest gift.

Pressure independence

Pressure independence that goes the distance
The patented HL2024 technology combines a strong precision-manufactured housing and a highly accurate accompanying metal element made by Sandvik in Sweden. The mechanism is powered by the water flow.

HL2024 Flow Regulators accurately react to pressure and pressure differences in the system. The steel component adjusts continuously to changing water pressure circumstances. This reactive precision ensures a precise and constant flow.

Durable functionality
Material choice and design determine the functional durability of HL2024 flow regulating products. The high-quality steel and the housing, made from a specialised synthetic material, are very strong and nearly impervious to high pressure and temperatures and -more importantly- to the combination of the two. This lends durability and prevents deterioration of function, ensuring pressure independence.

This, together with the interaction of its carefully manufactured components, makes HL2024 a much higher standard than known flow rate restrictors. HL2024’s performance is optimal and remains optimal for years. Not only at the beginning of its lifetime, but all the way through its 10-year warranty. These features make HL2024 products suitable for any long-term project, whether in a domestic or industrial setting.

In order to guarantee that the high standards of HL2024 products are continuously being met, Kiwa Netherlands closely monitors the manufacturing process.


About HL2024
A hot shower prepares you for the day to come, or cleanses and relaxes you after a long day. It is an intimate, personal moment that you simply want to enjoy. HL2024 respects your shower experience. And what’s more, it helps you use less water and energy while respecting our environment.

Henny Luttikhuis, formerly employed by a Dutch water company, recognized early on the importance of the connection between saving water and user comfort. We believe our products are only successful if your shower remains comfortable and enjoyable. Customer approval means everything to us. This is why his initials are part of our product name to this day.

2024 stands for the number of handmade test models designed before we finally had HL2024 just the way we intended. It took several years of research and development before our proud accomplishment became a reality. The unique characteristics of HL2024 were then acknowledged by Kiwa, the leading authority in the field of sanitary tapware in the Netherlands. Their approval crowned seven years of hard work.

Since then we have contributed to the environment by selling and distributing HL2024 on a large scale. For instance, the UK uses more than 6 million HL2024 products every day, installed on showers in homes throughout the country, and each contributing to lowered water consumption and reduced carbon emission. That’s an achievement that can’t be seen or heard, but is very real nonetheless.