Efficiency Solutions

For the environment

DSC_0004_squareQuantifiable water and energy savings
HL2024 products deliver a measurable, reliable and predictable amount of water and energy savings. They can do this because HL2024 products are pressure independent and remain functional over many years of use. The following example illustrates how HL2024 contributes to water and energy efficiency in the UK:

Water savings
Over 6.2 million households throughout the UK do their wallets and our environment a favour by showering with HL2024. The annual water savings are equal to about 75,000,000,000 liters of water: enough to fill over 30,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.

CO2 reduction
All told, the HL2024 products installed in UK homes amount to a reduction in carbon emissions of more than 500,000 metric tons. Each and every year.

For your company

DSC_0993From reduction to full compensation
Where your enterprise is concerned, you do whatever it takes to make manufacturing as sustainable and green as possible. Yet some sort of carbon footprint is inevitable. The question becomes: how do you want to fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility? That’s your motivation for taking steps to reduce your footprint.

You can choose to:
– Meet emission regulations;
– Go a step further and wipe out your carbon footprint entirely;
– Or compensate an amount greater than your own footprint, doing something extra for our environment at the same time.

HL2024 is a very efficient and cost-effective means to full carbon footprint compensation and more
– Low initial investment for you
– Short payback term
– High rate of user acceptance

For the user

DSC_89200001HL2024 gives me
1. optimum, reliable & quantifiable water and energy savings,
2. which assures me of CO2 reduction,
3. while allowing me to enjoy optimal comfort.

This way, I know I’m doing something good for the environment, without having to compromise my own comfort.

HL2024 in KLM aircraft washing installations

HL2024 based aircraft washing installations were installed in the light of  KLM’s sustainability program. This resulted in a 25% instant reduction of  water use and an optimization of the aircraft washing process. Check the KLM reference.

Presentation of HL2024 based aircraft washing installation at the KLM sustainability event.


Former CEO of KLM, Mr C. Eurlings testing the new HL2024 aircraft washing installation.