CSR Solutions

Your company

Your footprint…
Your company leaves a footprint on our planet. This could be a water footprint, a carbon footprint or both.

…together with your CSR-policy… 
Your company undoubtedly has a vision of Corporate Social Responsibility. How does your organization affect our environment? How do you reduce any negative effects to a minimum? And to what extent are you willing to give back to the environment?

… determine the approach 
Your CSR-ambition determines the number of HL2024 devices that will be installed. Specialized and carefully selected partners help ensure that HL2024 devices reach their destinations in consumer homes. The owners of these homes will be saving water and energy immediately; an opportunity you offered them by sending an HL2024 product. The work is done for you, allowing you to focus on your core business. It’s possible to eradicate your organization’s carbon footprint on this planet. And, if you so choose, it’s possible to reach even further!


The end user

The intermediary approaches end users and informs them about the features and benefits of HL2024 in their households: what does it do and why does it help you; it saves water, it saves energy and hence it saves you money. The concept of running a sustainable household is gaining more and more traction among end users, resulting in massive water- and energy savings.

Once an agreement is reached, HL2024 will be delivered directly to the home.

Fit it…
Once the product has been received, the HL2024 can be installed in minutes without assistance or the necessity for tools. The saving of water and energy begins immediately once the product is installed.

…and forget about it
Once installed, HL2024 performs and keeps on performing. It does this silently and as part of the system as a whole. The savings continue reliably with no hassle. Fit it and forget about it.


We create smart partnerships
With clients. With intermediaries. With suppliers. Our highly-skilled partners know a thing or two about their industry. Our selection processes, procedures and criteria are robust, which leads to an unrivaled degree of cooperation and loyalty.

We produce
We cooperate closely with our suppliers, who work together like a well-oiled machine in order to deliver the high quality for which HL2024 is known.

We deliver
We deliver our end products to specialized intermediaries who then ensure that HL2024 is delivered to the end users in an efficient and timely manner.