Certified & Patented

Functional compliance

HL2024 products represent the highest degree of pressure independence. With regard to this exceptional functionality, HL2024 flow regulators comply with:

Kiwa Evaluation Guideline BRL-K635/03 – this guideline lays out the protocol for durable pressure independence and has set the standard for the past 10 years.

Compliance with this Evaluation Guideline proves HL2024’s functional pressure independence and a 10 year durability of its functional properties.

Kiwa has also acknowledged that the HL2024 Shower Regulator is the only (pressure independent) shower regulator that meets the Kiwa functional requirements and has been Kiwa-certified.

Furthermore, BRL-K635/03 implies compliance with EN 246 as well as to EN ISO 3822.

Kiwa is the leading certification authority in the Netherlands when it comes to sanitary tapware.

Drinking water certificates

All used materials in HL2024 products comply with the following certifications regarding drinking water safety:

ACS – Attestation de conformité sanitaire

KIWA Hygienic Aspects – Regulations for materials and chemicals in drinking water and warm tap water supply (formerly KIWA ATA)

W270 – Microbial enhancement on materials that will come into contact with drinking water

KTW Guideline – Guideline for hygienic assessment of organic materials in contact with drinking water

Elastomer Guideline – Guideline for hygienic assessment of elastomers in contact with drinking water

UBA Metal evaluation criteria – Evaluation criteria concerning metallic materials that are safe for use in drinking water installations (formerly: UBA recommendation)

WRAS – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (incl. BS 6920 release)

Proof of certification can be provided upon request.


Patented technology
The HL2024 technology is protected by patent in 29 countries around the world and is the only technology proven to be, and remain, pressure independent. A quote from the Dutch certification authority Kiwa on the matter: ‘This product is the only (pressure independent) shower limiter that meets the KIWA functional requirements and has been Kiwa-certified.’

Pressure independent

Imitation pressure independence vs. true pressure independence; be sure!
A common misconception is that flow regulators on the market are pressure independent, supposedly providing a steady constant flow of let’s say 6, 8 or 10 liters (for example), but without mentioning the pressure at which these flow rates are achieved. Not mentioning this pressure obviously implies that these products are pressure independent, while in many cases they are not. Besides, Kiwa Netherlands has never issued a certificate for the property of pressure independence to any flow regulator other than HL2024. Additionally, we have never come across any product besides HL2024 that is pressure independent …and we have put them to the test.

What these products generally fail to mention is at what pressure a flow of 6, 8 or 10 liters per minute is generated. This information should be included, but rarely is. In other words, any claim of a fixed flow rate can only be true if the product is pressure independent.

Are other products also Kiwa-certified?
Many products have been certified by Kiwa for meeting general standards, but not regarding the property of pressure independence specifically, as HL2024 has been.

Kiwa offers certification for many products in many areas of performance. For example, for basic chemical, functional and toxicological requirements, such as whether a product can safely be used in contact with drinking water. Kiwa utilises its separate testing protocol specifically to determine whether products are pressure independent: BRL-K635/03.

In short: The words ‘Kiwa-certified’ alone do not imply that a product is pressure independent!