About HGP

We are HGP, the manufacturer of HL2024 products and a family business. Our specialism lies in pressure independent flow control products for numerous applications. Our mission over the past 15 years has been and still is to be the best in the field. We ensure our products are as accurate as possible. As durable as possible.

Our entrepreneurship goal is to demonstrate creativity and innovation each and every day. We do this by staying in tune with the world around us and anticipating the needs of the future, in both our organization and our products.

The structure of our organisation is far from traditional. Our payroll is slim and we prefer to utilise our partnerships wisely instead of building a large, unwieldy organisation. So far, we feel we’re doing good job. But most important of all, our products work.

Our footprint

Our footprint. Gone in minutes.
Production always entails the emission of carbon dioxide. We are no exception. Our footprint results primarily from our production, logistics, and office-related activities.

For example, the carbon footprint of a HL2024 Shower, one of our pressure independent flow control products, is about 95 grams. Applied on your shower tap, a HL2024 Shower reduces approximately 175 grams of carbon per minute. As a result, the carbon footprint of a HL2024 Shower is neutralised within only one shower.

After that, HL2024 contributes to preserving our environment by continuing to reduce carbon emissions for years.